You Can’t Get There From Here

One of our MGA clients wrote a regional book containing diversified lines of business.  After several years of profitable results, the MGA wanted to expand beyond its current territory.  The carrier partner with whom the MGA had been writing did not have the licensing to allow the expansion beyond current states.  Atlantic worked with the MGA to identify several well-rated potential carrier partners who offered the same lines of business, worked through MGA distribution channels, had the necessary licensing but did not already write this same business in the target states.  Several potential carriers were identified and Atlantic approached each on the MGA’s behalf.  The MGA successfully expanded into the new states and, at the same time, diversified its book among multiple partners so that it wasn’t completely exposed to having all its business with one company.  In addition, the MGA was able to structure its contract with the new carrier to assume some risk on its business and participate in the underwriting profits.