Client Services


Our reinsurance contracts are drafted by the senior broker responsible for the account to make certain that the terms and conditions reflect each party’s understanding and intent. We focus significant effort on preparing contracts which, once agreed to by the client, can be included in the initial underwriting information submitted to reinsurers. Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest level of contract certainty that the reinsurance placement process will allow. Our staff monitors regulatory, legislative and judicial developments as well as industry trends to make certain our contracts reflect the most current terms and conditions.

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The accounting staff at Atlantic ensures accurate, timely reporting that reflects contract terms. We are responsible for maintaining accounting ledgers, managing cash receipts and payments and adjusting premiums and commissions. Strict performance standards are in place to make certain all accounting functions are performed in a timely and transparent manner, and that records are maintained for any future need. We encourage regular interaction between our accounting staff and their counterparts at our clients and reinsurers so that communication flows easily and any issues can be resolved quickly.


Atlantic’s claims strategy focuses first on evaluating, presenting and collecting our clients’ reinsurance claims with the urgency required to exceed any contractual stipulations. We also focus on providing judicious and innovative solutions to claims-related issues. Our staff is experienced in claims negotiation, dispute resolution, letters of credit and cash management.